10 Times 360 Slayed Repping a Vegan Lifestyle

Posted on by PETA Australia

360 recently announced he was going vegan. Here’s how he’s promoted this compassionate lifestyle like a boss.

1. When he took the first step


2. When he hashtagged the wonder that is #VeganCheese


3. When he showed us his compassion for humans and other animals



4. When he made almond milk cool…

I actually am loving almond milk I thought it was gonna be a struggle to stop normal milk but it’s been EASY CUZ🐼

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5. …and dropped truth bombs about the dairy industry


6. When he got real deep in his nighttime tweets


7. When he gave a shout-out to his mum


8. When he posted his Brisvegas drool-fest on Instagram

Getting there 🌱

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9. When he showed us his sense of humour


10. When he stood with PETA to say, “Ink, not mink”


360, we commend you for taking the next step towards following a compassionate lifestyle.


Join 360 by taking our vegan pledge: