10 Times Vegan Food Destroyed the Competition

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In addition to being kinder to the environment, being better for our health, and sparing animals a lifetime of suffering, vegan food also tastes great. Here are 10 times plant-based fare reigned supreme over food made from animals:

1. When a Vegan Pie Was Crowned ‘Australia’s Best Pie’

Taking the top spot in the Baking Association of Australia’s annual national competition – and beating out 1,700 other entries – a vegan pie from Ka Pies was recently crowned “Australia’s Best Pie”.

The delicious Thai vegetable curry pie is made using flavourful ingredients such as lemongrass and also gets a spicy kick from fresh chillies.



2. When a Vegan Restaurant Was TimeOut Melbourne’s ‘People’s Choice’ Winner

Beloved Melbourne restaurant Smith & Daughters recently took the “Best Restaurant” honour in TimeOut Melbourne’s People’s Choice awards.

With delicious Latin American fare that blows away everyone who samples it, it’s no wonder this Fitzroy gem took the coveted top spot. Its long-awaited cookbook debuts next month.

It takes a lot of hard work to make the perfect mess. #acookbookthathappenstobevegan Smith & Daughters cookbook out November 2016. (It’s getting closer now!)

A photo posted by Smith & Daughters (@smithanddaughters) on Aug 30, 2016 at 2:49am PDT


3. When a Vegan Burger Won a Top Canadian Contest

Food science students from McGill University in Montréal created a product called Rephyll – a plant-based burger patty which closely mimics the taste and appearance of beef but doesn’t involve any cruelty.

Winning the top prize at the Institute of Food Technologists’ 2016 Product Development Competition, these cleverly designed patties even change colour from pink to brown when cooked.



4. When 7-Eleven Switched to Using Vegan Mayonnaise

In July 2015, it was announced that all US 7-Eleven stores would switch to vegan Just Mayo for all the food prepared by the company.

Just Mayo founder Josh Tetrick estimated that the change would save “over 81 million gallons of water, preserve over 4 million square feet of land, and prevent 191 million grams of CO2 emission”. He went on to say, “For the body, 1.5 billion milligrams of sodium, 304 million milligrams of cholesterol, and 30 million grams of saturated fat would be avoided annually.”



5. When a Vegan Pie Was Accidentally Judged in the Meat Category – and Won

After winning the title of Australia’s Best Pie, Ka Pies hit the headlines for a second time this year when its vegan chilli con carne pie was accidentally judged in the “red meat” category of the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

After the judges were informed of the error, they were so blown away that the pie was vegan that they awarded it the “Most Innovative” in the contest.




6. When a British Football Club Went Vegan – and Won ‘Menu of the Year’

The Forest Green Rovers – the world’s first vegan football club – recently won Sports & Leisure Catering magazine’s award for Menu of the Year at a ceremony held at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London.

Praised by the judges for its innovative approach to sustainability, the club’s vegan menu includes pies, burgers, fajitas, and pizza – and has proved popular with fans.



7. When a Vegan Chef Won the ‘Cupcake Wars’ TV Show

When Chloe Coscarelli entered the US reality TV show Cupcake Wars, she had a goal: to show people that vegan cupcakes are just as delicious – if not more so – than those made with eggs and dairy foods.

Since winning, she has published a number of bestselling cookbooks and opened her own vegan restaurant chain, by CHLOE.

In a later season of Cupcake Wars, another vegan chef, Doron Petersan, also won!


8. When Guinness Changed a 256-Year-Old Recipe and Made It Vegan

Brewed in Ireland and beloved worldwide, Guinness recently made the compassionate decision to stop using fish bladders to filter its iconic dark stout.

The change in its recipe makes the brew suitable for vegans – and is good news for fish, too!



9. When IKEA Made Vegan Meatballs – and Everyone Loved Them

After thousands of PETA supporters urged IKEA to make its planned vegetarian meatballs vegan, the company announced last year that vegan meatballs would finally be rolled out in stores.

Since the launch, the meatballs have been happily embraced by IKEA shoppers looking for sustenance to get them through their furniture shopping.



10. When Vegan Chefs in the US Dominated Cooking Contests

“Vegan Temptress” Kristina Addington won the grand prize on the TV show Cutthroat Kitchen, beating three other chefs who all used meat in their recipes.

Addington used some of her $18,500 prize money to start her food truck and vegan cheese business, V-Grits.

A year after Addington’s TV win, Chef Mama T won Honolulu’s chilli cook-off in Hawaii.

A photo posted by V-GRITS (@vgrits) on Oct 1, 2016 at 8:10am PDT

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