The Best Aussie & Kiwi Vegans to Follow on YouTube

The next time you’re looking for something new to watch on YouTube, check out one of these inspiring channels. With great content including comedy, recipes, advice on vegan living, activism and more, these YouTubers are sure to have you hitting the “thumbs up” button in no time!

Natalie Tran – Community Channel

With over 560 million video views, Natalie Tran is one of the biggest names on YouTube – and she announced in early 2016 that she has gone vegan! Her videos are a combination of quirky monologues and sketch comedy. See what all the fuss is about here:

Follow Natalie on Instagram.

Natasha and Luca – That Vegan Couple

With helpful tips on vegan living, recipes, yoga tutorials and more, Natasha and Luca are a wealth of knowledge on how to live healthfully and ethically. Their street activism efforts all over the globe are inspiring. Check out this video and see Natasha turn this guy’s life around.

Follow Natasha and Luca on Instagram.

James Aspey – Voiceless365

James famously embarked on a year-long vow of silence to raise awareness of the plight of animals. Watch this video to hear the first words he spoke – live on TV – after his year was up. The reactions of the TV hosts are priceless!

Follow James on Instagram.

Courtney Act

You’ll know her face and sassy sense of humour from a variety of reality TV shows, including RuPaul’s Drag Race, Celebrity Big Brother UK, MTV’s Single AF and of course, Australian Idol. Despite her busy schedule, the “diva from Down Under” still finds time to create a YouTube series called Cooking With Courtney, in which she informs her guests and viewers about vegan cuisine. 

Follow Courtney on Instagram.

Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Ellie’s vegan recipes are easy to follow and will impress your carnist friends. Check out her website for more wholesome, colourful, animal-loving meal ideas.

Follow Elsa on Instagram.

Tess Begg

Eighteen-year-old Tess is another Sydneysider who has embraced a cruelty-free lifestyle and is sharing it with the world. Check out her channel for recipe videos, fitness tips and “What I Eat in a Day” videos, like this one:

Follow Tess on Instagram.

Edgar’s Mission

Australia’s best-known animal sanctuary is home to hundreds of rescued farm animals (as well as a couple of cats and dogs!). Follow their adventures and be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness.

Follow Edgar’s Mission on Instagram.

Stephanie Lange

This Sydney-based make-up artist creates in-depth cosmetics tutorials and aims to use only cruelty-free products. Vegan since March 2016, she’s a passionate animal advocate, and one of her goals is to show that you can enjoy experimenting with make-up without harming animals!

Follow Stephanie on Instagram.

Regan the Vegan

The viral sensation behind this “punny” video, Aussie boy Regan, has been vegan since 2012, and during that time has transformed his body.

Check out his channel for easy recipes, vlogs and general silliness.

Follow Regan on Instagram.

PETA Australia

Of course, you can also follow us on our YouTube channel, where we share heaps of interesting content – from breaking investigations and important information on issues facing animals to tips on ordering vegan food at restaurant chains and celeb interviews.

You can also like PETA Australia on Facebook.


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