Best Aussie & Kiwi Vegans to Follow on Instagram

Do you upload snaps of your kitty to #CatsOfIG? Would you double tap for #FriendsNotFood?

Here are some animal-loving Aussie Instagram accounts you should not scroll past.

DJ Tigerlily

Tigerlily’s passionate campaigning and compassion for animals are why PETA named her Australias Most Beautiful Vegan in 2018. She uses her page to encourage others to try the vegan lifestyle and to speak up for the billions of animals who are killed every year for their flesh.


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Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell is living proof that plant-based eating can power you to the highest peak of fitness.


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Vegan Bowls

While this account is about a coconut serving bowl, you can’t help but be delighted by the bowl’s filling! This page is full of delicious, colourful and kind recipes with guest appearances from vegan social media influencers.


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Mantras and Mangos

A trained nurse and health coach with a knack for beautiful photography, Mary Christine of Mantras and Mangos is your go-to source for health inspiration and gorgeous beach snaps.

I donut care that it’s Monday, because life is good no matter the day 🍩🍩🍩💫☁️

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James Aspey

He’s the guy who used a year of silence to make everyone listen to the horrible truth about animal suffering. Now, Aspey is using social media to speak to thousands of followers daily.

I used to see some thing Now, I see someone ✌️

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Nikki van Dijk

Every vegan has a “why I went vegan” story. But pro surfer Nikki van Dijk’s story is unlike anyone else’s. In 2014, she hit a reef while surfing Cloudbreak in Fiji, resulting in 16 stiches and surgery. She had only a few weeks to recover before her next contest, so she temporarily went vegan to kickstart her healing. She told The Weekly Review, “After that I thought, ‘Hang on, I do not need anything in my body that doesn’t need to be there.’” With encouragement from her sister—who was already vegan—she went all in, and she says that she’s never looked back and never felt better.


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Crissi Carvalho

A full-time fitness model and bodybuilder, online coach Crissi Carvalho is using her gains in the gym to advance animal rights. She’s a proud rescued dog foster mumma and has arguably the best abs on Instagram.

I have been fostering this little brown puppy ‘Poppy’ and she is here with her brother ‘Ozzie’…both are needing adopting. . Ozzie was fed by the previous owner and the 5 other puppies of the litter were left to die…that is why ‘Poppy’ is less than half ‘Ozzies’ size . They were all rescued and are now currently in foster families awaiting adoption . Thou, I must say I suck at fostering and have decided I want to adopt lil ‘Poppy’ (known as a foster failure)…as she is a great fit with my current dog and perfect for our family…and the thought i have to give her up, is stabbing and breaking my as I know she would have the most amazing life with us ⛱. If your looking for a family pooch or interested in adopting a puppy lil ‘Ozzie’ here is looking for a family Contact Linda at @bestfriendsrescue as there are another 4 puppies also requiring new homes and families to LOVE and adopt them . These amazing shots were taken by Diana at @k9photography if you want amazing furbaby photos look her up…she is also currently ‘Ozzies’ foster mum too! #adoptme #adoptnotshop #adoptdontshop #fostertoadopt #fosterdog #rescuedog #Crueltyfree #VeganLife #vegandread #crissicarvalho #animallovers #animal #dog #dogs #puppylove #furbaby #puppy #love

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Anna Weatherlake

Anna Weatherlake and her cricketing fiancé Peter Siddle have adopted five dogs and a number of chickens over the years to keep them company. Their brood includes a rather mischievous hen named LaShonda who seems to rule the roost.

Breaking and Entering. LaShonda thinks she’s a dog and doesn’t deserve to sleep outside in her custom-built home. Apparently it’s not good enough for her, despite being the best hen house on planet earth, complete with a spiral staircase, mirrors and perspex windows. Nope, LaShonda wants to be inside at all times. And when she isn’t, she stands in the glassed garden that seperates our bedroom and ensuite and just stares at us. #thankgoditswashingday #chickenontheloose #chook #hen #chicken #LaShonda #Family #FriendsNotFood

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Edgar’s Mission

More than 300 rescued animals, including pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, goats and dogs call this sanctuary in Victoria home. Edgar’s Instagram account is the ultimate animal lover’s boredom buster – prepare to lose hours scrolling here!

Fifi is so happy she’s levitating. #FifiLamb #edgarsmission #happiness #animalsofinstagram #animalsanctuary #kindness #animalrescue #plantpowered Fifi’s poor mother passed away when she became tangled in a fence, fortunately her death secured a happy and long life for her lamb – who will never know what the commercial breeders had in store for her. Read Fifi’s story: “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

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Liam Hemsworth

There is so much to drool over on Liam Hemsworth’s insta. His rescued doggies are adorable and featured regularly, as are his cute brothers. And we don’t care what the tabloids say about Miley – his insta followers know his true love is Miss Piggy.

New “gigantic” rescue pup! Dora the Explorer. #rescuedog!

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Peter Siddle

Best known for his impressive performance on the cricket field, Siddle is also a passionate advocate for animals. Showing that elite athletes can be vegan and stay at the top of their game, he is a hero both on and off the field.

Excited by the announcement that my good friends @pana_chocolate are now the chocolate supplier to @etihadstadiumau. A world first… the first major stadium to exclusively offer raw, organic, handmade, vegan chocolate! #SIDSeats #PANAchocolate #PlantBased #PlantPower

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Simi Collins 

Badass bodybuilder and CrossFit enthusiast, vegan Collins is bound to inspire you to get into the gym and start working on those gains!

#happyplace #dohertysgym #australianmecca #benchday #vegan #veganbodybuilding #veganfigure #vegancrossfit #plantbuilt #evolvedgeneration #PranaONtribe #pranaon #veganmuscle

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Plant Based Logic 

Alastair Taylor, who runs Plant Based Logic, is the master of vegan memes on IG. Poking fun at some of the common misconceptions about vegan living as well as coming up with hilarious observations and analogies, Taylor has an account worth following if you want some hilarity in your feed.


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On one hand it’s great that vegan products are in higher demand… On the other though, I want my bloody chocolate almond icecream dammit!! 😩😩😩

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Raw Kiwi 

A master photographer and a maker of beautiful raw creations, Nicole “Raw Kiwi” English is sure to have you drooling on your phone screen faster than you can say, “Pass me some of that vegan cheesecake”.

Raw vegan cherry ripe slice is one our favourite slices. You can get the recipe on my blog. The link will be in my profile for a few days

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Thriving on Plants 

At just 17 years old, Cherie Tu has already amassed an impressive following on IG. With its colourful plant-based creations, this Sydney girl’s account is bound to give you plenty of meal ideas.

Heres a close up of the creamy matcha smoothie bowl Full recipe will be up soon! (On Youtube, stay tuned ) Hope everyone has a great week! ✨

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Uncanny Annie Blog 

Writer and mum of three, Annie Nolan is the brains behind the popular blog Uncanny Annie. Documenting her family life as well as her love for animals, her Instagram page is a constant source of “aww!”

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY from my whole family but particularly our girls! May the world soon fix the inequality, discrimination and gender based violence many women all over the world face and start to celebrate women in all forms and expressions! I also hope that women collectively are able to find the strength to stand up in the face of gender injustice and their voices are able to heard more frequently and fairly. I am so alarmed to have read this week that “at every single stage girls’ and women’s pay is way behind that of boys and men” starting with pocket money! For Pete’s sake – no!- for Peta’s sake, can we do the bare minimum and stop discriminating pocket money?! (Fun/Infuriating Fact: There are more men called Peter leading ASX 200 companies than women.) Have a glorious day women! Don’t take any sh*t! ♀

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Real Natalie Tran 

A YouTube celebrity, Tran is also a regular poster on Instagram. Known for her quirky sense of humour and shrewd cultural observations, this new vegan is one to follow if you like your compassion with a side serving of comedy.

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Freedom Hill Sanctuary 

South Australia’s Freedom Hill provides sanctuary for animals rescued from abuse, exploitation or neglect. For your daily dose of warm feels, add its IG to your follow list.

New lamby!! Welcome to Freedom Hill Sanctuary Carl. ❤️ Carl was found orphaned on a property near the Flinders Ranges over the weekend. A compassionate family found him and brought him to safety. He’s still a little weak but we’re hoping to have him strong in no time. #FriendsNotFood #freedomhillsanctuary P.S Mangoes wanted to be in the photo too! ❤️

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Simon Hill

As the guy behind the Plant Proof podcast, Simon Hill’s page is full of great vegan food  and the occasional famous face…


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Tess Begg 

If there’s one demographic of vegan Instagrammers that really dominates, it’s Sydney girls. Eighteen-year-old Tess is yet another one who’s all over IG at the moment – and for good reason!

#Vegan pancakes mmmm @speedoscafe

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Stephanie Lange

This Sydney-based make-up artist and YouTuber promotes cruelty-free beauty products and eats a plant-based diet, too. Stephanie aims to show that you can enjoy experimenting with make-up without harming animals!

Tried a new way of doing my brows today! I didn’t use any brow pencil or gel at all, just the @anastasiabeverlyhills brow powder in Ash Brown on a rigid brow brush and drew on some fake brow hairs. What do you think? I think I like it! Plus it only took 1 minute to do… #makeup #brows #anastasiabeverlyhills #mua #motd

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Annie Tarasova 

You may be noticing a theme on Instagram: FOOD! Annie’s account is no different, and her photos are a constant drool-fest.

Thank you endlessly for all the birthday wishes, yesterday was a day filled with love and gratitude (and cake, brownies, ice cream and other #vegan goodness) Parfait created with berries, fruit, chia, & @purecocobella banana and strawberry smoothies

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