The Most Aussie Foods Ever – Made Vegan

Caring about animals doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite Aussie foods. We’ve compiled a list of seven iconic Aussie foods – veganised!

1. Lamingtons

Coconutty, chocolaty, cakey goodness. Enough said? Check out these three cruelty-free takes on this classic Aussie cake:

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2. Anzac Biscuits

These biscuits were originally created to sustain soldiers at war, because the ingredients had a long shelf life. They’re now enjoyed by biscuit lovers everywhere, and this list of vegan Anzac biscuit recipes will be your Anzac Day go-to.

3. Fairy Bread

Remember going to parties as a kid and eating fairy bread? Ah, those sweet, crunchy, colourful childhood memories. For a vegan version, just use a dairy-free spread (we love Nuttelex!) and vegan sprinkles (try the Hopper or Dollar Sweets brand), and get ready to reminisce.

4. Pies

A vegan pie was crowned “Australia’s Best Pie” earlier this year, proving that you don’t have to be vegan to love the taste of a meat-free pie. Whether you’re watching the footy or organising a child’s birthday party, these recipes will help you make your own comforting cruelty-free vegan meat pie, vegan meat and gravy pie, or vegan party pies.

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5. Pavlova

Some say this crispy meringue dessert originated in New Zealand, but it’s a Christmas Day regular in Australia, regardless. And yes, egg-free meringue does exist! Serve this vegan Pavlova to your family this Christmas.

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6. Chiko Rolls

This Aussie version of the spring roll was first served in 1951, and many of its ingredients are already plant-based. Here is a vegan version.

7. Tim Tams

Admit it – you’ve bitten the corners of a Tim Tam and sucked your hot chocolate or coffee through the biscuit. The good news is that you don’t have to miss out on that biscuit straw because you’re vegan! Just purchase a vegan version of Tim Tams or make them yourself.

Leda-brand Choculence biscuits can be found in the health-food aisles of Coles and Woolworths as well as at The Cruelty Free Shop and Vegan Online.

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Keen to try other vegan versions of your favourite foods? Our vegetarian/vegan starter kit is packed full of easy, delicious recipes you’ll be sure to love.