How to Create a Vegan Feast This Christmas

Ready to plan your cruelty-free Christmas?


Does the thought of Christmas food conjure up childhood memories of a roast with all the trimmings? Many options for festive food don’t contain animals’ flesh, eggs, or milk. Check out our list of vegan roasts available around Australia in 2022.


A roast simply isn’t complete unless it’s topped with gravy. Thankfully, plenty of vegan instant mix, heat, and serve gravies are readily available.

Vegan Gravy in Australian Supermarkets Photo by victoria. on Unsplash


Many delicious vegan seafood options are easy to find, so you don’t have to set foot in a stinky market full of corpses on ice. Try some of these options instead and extend your goodwill to all animals during the festive season.

A plate of vegan prawns.The Best Vegan Seafood for the Holiday Season Georgie Purcell and Ward Young


Mouth-watering vegan meringues, puddings, fruit mince pies, and chocolate cake – there are cruelty-free sweet treats for everyone.

Is something missing from this list that you usually enjoy on Christmas? Don’t forget to check out Vegan Grocery Store, All About Empathy, The Green Edge, and La Vida Vegan for more specialty items. Absolutely anything can be made vegan – just google and see how many recipes pop up!

The kindest thing we can do for animals is keep them off our plates during the season of goodwill and all year round. Are you ready to take the vegan challenge in 2023?