Vote for PETA to Make a Difference for Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

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UPDATE: Thank you for voting for PETA Australia! The winner of the 2012 Voiceless People’s Choice Award will be announced on the 28th November at the Voiceless Annual Awards Event in Sydney.

PETA Australia has been nominated as a candidate in the 2012 Voiceless People’s Choice Award. If we get the most votes, we will be given the opportunity to undertake a tour of 21 universities and colleges across Australia, working with on-campus student animal rights groups and PETA members to bring our message of empathy for animals to students across the country.

The tour would feature our “Empathy” display and allow us to engage students in discussion, distribute literature on animal rights and cruelty-free living and hold evening seminars to encourage and guide students who wish to become more involved in making a difference for animals.

Millions of animals are used for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment and other forms of exploitation across Australia every year. University and college students have an ideal opportunity to make a difference by taking simple actions such as questioning policies on animal testing or asking for vegan options in student dining halls. But many students simply do not have access to information about how to become active for animals.

This award creates a fantastic potential opportunity for PETA to reach a large audience with our message of compassion and respect for all animals. Many universities and colleges currently do not have animal groups. With this tour, we would hope to inspire countless more people to speak up for animals.

Voting is now open. Your support will help PETA Australia win a $10,000 grant to make this tour become a reality!

You can vote for PETA Australia up until 14 September by visiting The winner will be announced on 28 November at the Voiceless Annual Awards, so be sure to cast your vote for PETA. We may be coming to a university near you soon!

Posted By Jason Baker