Webster Holdings Pty: Leaders in Fur Cruelty

Posted on by PETA Australia

Webster Holdings Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based company that owns several Australian retailers, including Jigsaw and David Lawrence. Despite knowing that the fur industry is violent and bloody, Webster Holdings still insists on stocking real fur items in their stores.

Rabbit fur farm

The fur in David Lawrence and Jigsaw stores, including rabbit and racoon dog fur, is most likely sourced from fur farms, where animals areconfined to cramped, filthy cages. Animals spend their miserable lives standingon thin cage wires amid their own waste and are never given an opportunity to dig, jump or play.

They are killed in ways that would break your heart:some animals have theirskulls bashed in or their necks broken, and others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. Workers then string them up by their legs and cut off their heads. Animals trapped in the wild for their fur also suffer terribly in snares and steel-jaw traps.

Almost 74 per cent of the fur garments sold in Australia originate in China, so it’s virtually impossible to know exactly whose fur you’re wearing if you buy any fur or fur-trimmed items. In 2003, Webster Holdings opened their own facility in Shanghai, China ― allowing them to source their fabrics directly from Northern China.

This distressing video shows the treatment of animals on fur farms. Please share it with your friends and family, and help PETA end this cruel industry by sending polite letters to Webster Holdings and asking them to stop supporting the barbaric trade in animal skins.

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John Cheston, CEO
Webster Holdings Pty Ltd
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Posted by Jason Baker