VICTORY! M Webster Holdings Agrees to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

David Lawrence Goes Fur FreeFollowing an ongoing campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia, which included letters from hundreds of activists and several leafleting events, M Webster Holdings Pty Ltd – which owns the David Lawrence, Jigsaw and Marcs brands – has agreed to stop supporting the cruel fur trade.

M Webster Holdings has confirmed that it has made the crucial decision to stop selling any fur products across all three of its brands. It will begin phasing out fur immediately and has assured us that it will not sell any fur after the winter of 2013.

Almost 74 per cent of the fur garments sold in Australia originate in China, so it’s virtually impossible to know exactly whose fur you’re wearing if you buy any fur or fur-trim items. Animals raised for their fur in China spend miserable lives standing on thin cage wires amid their own waste and are never given an opportunity to dig, jump or play. They are killed in ways that would break your heart: Some animals have their skulls bashed in or their necks broken, and others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. Workers then string them up by their legs and cut off their heads. Animals trapped in the wild for their fur also suffer terribly in snares and steel-jaw traps.

In Asia, even dogs and cats are cruelly killed for their fur, much of which is deliberately mislabelled as “rabbit” or “coyote” fur before it is exported to Australia.

M Webster Holdings has previously sold fur that was labelled as rabbit and raccoon fur. The recent fur-free pledge means that fewer animals will be skinned alive or anally electrocuted in the name of fashion.

Posted by Jason Baker