Will Abbott End Australia’s National Disgrace?

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

cute lambIn the weeks leading up to the election, PETA’s “sheep” mascot, Lucy, made sure neither candidate could forget about the plight of sheep who are discarded by Australia’s wool industry and then sent overseas for slaughter by following the candidates around on their campaign trails and holding up a sign urging them to ban live export.

Now that our Prime Minister has been chosen and everyone can get back to focusing on the issues, we hope that Tony Abbott will remember Lucy’s pleas and make it a priority to ban cruel live export for good.

By taking decisive action now, Tony Abbott could stop the suffering of millions of sheep and cows who are crammed onto disease-ridden, multi-tiered ships and sent on miserable, sometimes weeks-long voyages to be slaughtered in the Middle East. Many animals die en route from starvation, heatstroke, injuries and disease. Those who make it to their destination are often dragged by their legs and have their throats cut with dull blades while they are still conscious and in extreme distress.

Please join Lucy and say “baaa!” to live export. E-mail Australia’s current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull here.

Posted by Claire Fryer