Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

ENTER FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN! PETA’s Cutest Adopted Companion Animal Contest 2016

Have you adopted a companion animal whose cuteness level is off the charts? Then enter our contest for your chance to win our top prize!

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Stop Greyhound Race Track Development in SA

Greyhound Racing SA and Murray Bridge City Council plan to open a new $6 million greyhound race track. Tell them to scrap plans for this unnecessary and unethical track.

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21 Animal Snaps That Will Make You Wish You Lived in Australia

We share Australia with some pretty astonishing animals – many of whom are found nowhere else on Earth. It’s our duty to respect and protect them.

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Cut Out Dissection: Urge Australian Universities to Catch Up With Other Countries

No medical school in the UK or Canada uses animals to train students. Australia needs to catch up. Please call for cruel dissection to be replaced with more advanced …

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Lord of the Fries’ New Vegan Burger Has People Losing Their Minds

This German-inspired burger includes a vegan chicken schnitzel, tomato, onion, lettuce, aioli, and ketchup. It’s simple yet completely delicious – trust us.

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Tell Groupon to Stop Promoting Sea World

Groupon continues to promote Sea World – a company that imprisons animals, such as dolphins and polar bears, for the sake of human entertainment.

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Mike Baird the Greyhound Is Up for Adoption!

In the wake of the NSW Parliament’s historic decision to end greyhound racing in the state, PETA has sponsored and named a dog after Premier Mike Baird.

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How to Enjoy Bacon Without Killing Pigs

Check out our guide to the best vegan bacon brands in Australia as well as our top restaurant picks and favourite recipes.

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