Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

VICTORY! Melbourne Restaurant Shown on ‘The Block’ Drops Foie Gras

In a recent episode of The Block, contestants ate foie gras at Melbourne’s Eureka 89. After discussions with PETA, the restaurant has pledged to stop serving this vile product.

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Who Needs a House? 8 Smashed Avo Recipes for Millennials Who Are Reckless AF

What to do when you can’t afford to buy a house? Make your own smashed avo, of course! The savings will have you snapping up a Bondi townhouse in …

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Ex-Fisher Pens Heartbreaking Facebook Post, Describes Horrors of Fishing

In a candid account of his experiences as a fisher, Dan Maio took to Facebook to describe the guilt he now feels for participating in the cruel activity.

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Demand Kym Ellery Stop Cruelty, Drop Fur

Even though PETA informed Kym Ellery of the cruelty involved in fur production, the designer still sells items made from animals’ fur. Please demand an end to this.

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Malcolm Turnbull’s Birthday Suit: A Vegan Leather Jacket From PETA

PETA has sent a birthday gift to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: a custom-made vegan leather jacket from James&Co.

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World Osteoporosis Day: Do Dairy Foods Harm Your Bones? ©Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

World Osteoporosis Day: Do Dairy Foods Harm Your Bones?

Numerous studies have shown links between consumption of dairy foods and osteoporosis – and many doctors now speak out against eating them.

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Hughesy Tricks Kebab Shop Customers With ‘Meatless Meat’

Watch what happens when Dave Hughes takes over a kebab shop, and find out more about the latest “meatless meat” products that have taken Australia by storm.

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TripAdvisor Gets Rave Reviews for New Ethical Policies

TripAdvisor has announced that it will no longer sell tickets to animal “attractions,” including elephant rides, tiger encounters, and “swim with dolphins” excursions.

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