Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Bobby Calves – a ‘Waste Product’ of the Dairy Industry

VIDEO: Cows on dairy farms are impregnated each year, only to have their male calves taken away from them within a few hours of birth to be killed.

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Australian Rhino Project: Captivity Is Not the Answer!

The misguided Australian Rhino Project will do nothing to help where it is needed most. Please speak out.

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A Bag With a Beating Heart? Bangkok Pop-Up Store Shocks Consumers

If a leather bag had a beating heart, would YOU still buy it? When shoppers walked into this pop-up shop in Bangkok, THIS is what they found…

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Live Below the Line: Cheap Vegan Eats

How to take part in “Live Below the Line” as a vegan. Easy tips to help you join the thousands of Aussies spending 2 to 6 May eating on …

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First Jumps Racing Horse Death of 2016: RIP Fieldmaster

Yesterday, at Cranbourne’s jumps racing trial in Victoria, Fieldmaster became the first horse of the 2016 jumps racing season to die.

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Demand That Fashion Label Vicky Mar Drop Fur

Australian label Vicky Mar continues to sell products of cruelty. Please urge the designer to stop.

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Bird Shot With Arrow Refuses to Give Up – and So Do We

His body and wing completely pierced by an arrow, this native bush stone-curlew is lucky to be alive after being left for dead near Airlie Beach in QLD.

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Tell the College of Surgeons to Stop Live-Animal Trauma Training Hannah Gregus/ Sympathy at Slaughter

Tell the College of Surgeons to Stop Live-Animal Trauma Training

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons continues to mutilate and kill animals for training exercises despite superior human simulators.

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