Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Appalling Conditions on Live Export Ships

Dr Lynn Simpson, who sailed on 57 live export journeys, submitted a damning report to the ASEL review about the conditions aboard ships.

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Stella McCartney Shines a Neon Light on Desexing

Stella McCartney’s autumn 2016 collection was inspired by her love of animals. And her new store-window displays were inspired by her love for PETA US.

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This CGI Elephant Shows How Unnecessary It Is to Exploit Real Animals in Films

VIDEO: Students’ short film gets a PETA UK award for demonstrating that the use of abused captive animals on screen is obsolete.

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Best Vegan Sushi Recipes

Here’s a guide to the best cruelty-free options for all you sushi lovers out there. Vegan sushi is easy to make and nutritious – and it doesn’t hurt fish!

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‘Finding Dory’: Why Blue Tangs (or Any Other Fish) Don’t Belong in Tanks

Finding Dory is here, and that’s great news for movie fans, but it could mean danger for fish. Don’t be tempted to buy a blue tang as a “pet”.

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This Video Shows What Happens to Bulls AFTER They Run in Pamplona – and It’s Not Pretty Lisa Markkula

This Video Shows What Happens to Bulls AFTER They Run in Pamplona – and It’s Not Pretty

PETA UK and other leading European animal-protection groups are urging tourists to stay away from Spain’s Running of the Bulls.

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10 Times 360 Slayed Repping a Vegan Lifestyle

360 recently announced he was going vegan. Here’s how he’s promoted this compassionate lifestyle like a boss.

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Egg Industry Wants to Modify Embryos Genetically to End Killing of Male Chicks

The Australian egg industry currently kills around 12 million male chicks each year by gassing or shredding them. Will new technology help chickens, or will cruelty still prevail?

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