Go Behind the Scenes With ‘The PETA Podcast’

The PETA Podcast gives you behind-the-scenes access to PETA affiliates’ philosophy, current initiatives, victories over animal abuse, ideas for a more humane world, and everything that makes us sometimes controversial, always effective, …

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Vegan Lox and Schmear Bagels Photography © Pete Dillon, Food Stylist © Bridget Wald

Vegan Lox and Schmear Bagels

A little bit of liquid smoke will turn your tomatoes into vegan smoked salmon!

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Vegan ‘UGG’ Boots and Where to Buy Them

Instead of paying UGG to skin sheep, try these kind and cosy options.

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Vegan Christmas Gifts Under $50

Here’s a roundup of the coolest cruelty-free gifts that are sure to knock everyone’s festive socks off on Christmas morning.

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Vegan Foods That Are Crazy High in Protein

Have you been told that animal flesh is the only viable source of protein? Lots of us have been – but now we know it’s a lie. There’s protein …

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Go Vegan for World Vegan Month!

November is World Vegan Month! It’s a great time for anyone who’s curious about the benefits of eating vegan to give it a try for 30 days.

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CFC Drumsticks: Vegan Chicken With Cauliflower Bones!

These Cruelty-Free Chicken Drumsticks are super tasty and impressive.

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Derogatory Definitions and Speciesist Slurs – Language Matters! Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Derogatory Definitions and Speciesist Slurs – Language Matters!

The words we use have the power to create a more inclusive world or to perpetuate oppression.

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