Awesome Vegan Memes Shoot Down ‘Where Do You Get Your Protein?’ Trolls

We’ve all been there. You tell someone you’re vegan and are instantly posed with that question: “But where do you get your protein?”

Of course, it’s beneficial to educate the asker by reeling off a list of the many great vegan protein sources. But sometimes, you just need a little humour to get over the relentless protein questioning.

Here are some clever memes and witty answers to this sometimes tedious enquiry:

#tbt to one of my fave memes 😂😂😉

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Drop this comeback and watch people back away slowly…

Vegan Batman is saving humans and other animals now!


We’ll leaf this meme to speak for itself.

Sometimes you don’t even have to mention what you eat for everyone to become an expert.


Mic drop.


Guys, don’t try this as a pick-up line.


Vegan life is not like a box of chocolates – because you know what you’re gonna get … protein questions.


Someone needs to check out


Bulking like a gorilla is easy when you’re plant-based.


Listen to Samuel L. Jackson.


Face palm. When all they eat is processed meat and everyone knows that’s carcinogenic


What if we told you this meme is true?


Well, would you?


Everyone is suddenly a dietitian when you’re vegan.


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Pretty accurate.


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Getting protein from plants helps you use The Force. True story.


Buzz Lightyear knows what’s up.

If the meat-eaters in your life still don’t believe in plant-based protein, show them this. ‘Nuff said.

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