Get Fit and Help Animals at the Same Time

PETA pack runningIs your New Year’s resolution to get in shape becoming a distant memory? Want to boost your fitness and show your commitment to animals at the same time?

We’ve just launched an exciting new tool, The PETA Pack, on our website that will motivate you right to the finish line and to a healthy new you.

PETA supporters – just like you – are an inspirational bunch who have raised money to help animals while completing impressive feats of athleticism. One such supporter is John Waddell, who in his 65th year, came out at the top of his age division at The Great Ocean Road Marathon. John credits his remarkable endurance to 35 years of veganism: “In my 70th year, I was still able to run the whole 42 km of the Canberra Marathon without a break for even a second”.

No matter your fundraising efforts, whether like John you’re training for a marathon or you’re simply biking a mile – it’s easier than ever before to get fit and help stop animal abuse with the support of your friends and loved ones.

45 Marathon presentation

John at the Great Ocean Road Marathon

We’ve built our community fundraising toolkit so that you can easily share your personal page with friends and family members and encourage them to support your campaign. Every gift made through your fundraising webpage will go directly to supporting the work of PETA and make a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Are YOU ready to help animals? Sign up to the PETA Pack today!

PETA pack running

Posted by Jason Baker