Animals Used for Entertainment

PSA: ‘Surfing’ on Crocodiles is Dumb and Deadly

The last thing Australian animals need is also to be stood on by grown men looking for attention.

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HUGE NEWS! The Show Won’t Go On for Exotic Animals in Australian Circuses!

Australia’s last circus using wild animals has retired the lions and monkeys.

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Horse Pulling Carriage Dies on Melbourne Street Melbourne Against Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Pulling Carriage Dies on Melbourne Street

It’s believed that the animal died of a heart attack

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NSW Passes Monumental Regulations Protecting Dolphins!

Now, everybody’s eyes are on Queensland, where just over the border, Sea World continues to breed dolphins, parade them about in daily shows, and launch trainers off their sensitive …

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5 Reasons Why Polar Bears Do Not Belong in Australia

An Arctic carnivore will never thrive here.

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