Animals Used for Food

PETA Farewells ‘Neighbours’: ‘That’s a Vegan Wrap!’

As iconic soap Neighbours wraps after 37 drama-filled years, we delivered a different kind of wrap – a platter of delicious planet-friendly vegan ones!

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PETA ‘Chicken’ Delivers Petition to KFC

Ten thousand people have spoken, and the message is clear: we want vegan KFC!

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Monkeypox in Australia: Treat Animals Better to Avoid Zoonotic Diseases

Monkeypox first spread from Africa in 2003 from wild animals being kept as exotic “pets”.

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Shocking ‘Hell of a Steak’ Ad Airs at 2022 Eurovision Vegan Friendly UK

Shocking ‘Hell of a Steak’ Ad Airs at 2022 Eurovision

A groundbreaking anti-meat ad that aired at the 2022 Eurovision event serves one hell of a wake-up call. Watch the video and go vegan!

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Giant ‘Babies’ Cry, ‘Not Your Mum? Not Your Milk!’

PETA protesters threw a tantrum in Brisbane for Mother’s Day.

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