Animals Used for Food

Animals Remain Trapped as Harrowing Live-Export Ordeal Continues Jo-Anne McArthur | Israel Against Live Shipments | We Animals Media

Animals Remain Trapped as Harrowing Live-Export Ordeal Continues

“MV Bahijah” is now berthing in Fremantle with sheep and cattle trapped onboard for weeks.

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Sheep Rights Billboard Campaign Fires Up Lamb-Eating Aussies

People don’t like to be reminded that “roast” and “chops” are just meat industry advertising euphemisms for “dead infant body parts”, but it’s the truth.

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Will the Bureau of Meteorology Name Heatwaves and Bushfires After Climate-Heating Meat, Eggs, and Dairy?

A moniker like “Heatwave Beef” would help remind people that using animals for food is one of the biggest drivers of the climate catastrophe.

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PETA Asia Uncovers Cruelty in the Frog-Legs Industry

The hidden horrors of the frog-legs trade, from decapitation to suffocation, have been exposed by PETA. Learn how you can make a difference.

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Arrested at COP28: Protestors Confront Flesh Peddlers

Two PETA UK protesters were taken away by the police at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai today.

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