Animals Used for Experimentation

TRESemmé Bans All Animal Testing Worldwide!

Compassionate shoppers everywhere can now look to it for products that are salon-tested on consenting humans but never tested on animals.

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China Proposes End to Tests on Animals for Many Imported Cosmetics

The Chinese government is making moves—cruelty-free ones. Find out why the new regulatory changes are predicted to mean progress for rabbits, mice, and other animals.

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Does Killing Countless Animals Actually Help Treat Alzheimer’s?

What has killing countless animals in Alzheimer’s experiments taught researchers about the disease? Not much. After decades of wasted time and money, the development of more than 100 unsuccessful …

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Shocking Investigation: Lab Shocks Monkey Penises Until Ejaculation

A six-month PETA US undercover investigation into the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC) – which keeps nearly 2,000 monkeys in barren steel cages and bleak, windowless rooms – …

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Iggy Pop Speaks Up for Monkeys Used in Experiments Iggy Pop Photo: ©

Iggy Pop Speaks Up for Monkeys Used in Experiments

“Anyone can see the pain and terror in these monkeys’ eyes. No one should have to suffer like this,” says Iggy Pop.

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