Here’s Why Ginger & Smart Will Never Use Exotic Skins or Angora Fur

Shoppers don’t want animals to suffer and die for fashion, and the destructive impact of fur and leather on the planet is well known.

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PETA and NZAVS Work to Ban the Cruel Forced Swim Test in Aotearoa and Beyond

PETA entity scientists and local animal defenders took on the cruel forced swim test in New Zealand – and won. Read all about their life-saving work.

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Another Win Against Experiments on Animals: University of Western Australia Stops Using the Forced Swim Test

The University of Western Australia has confirmed to PETA that it “no longer conducts” the forced swim test.

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PETA Australia’s Victories for Animals in 2023 Photo: Kai Wenbeck

PETA Australia’s Victories for Animals in 2023

Your support made 2023 a landmark year for animals.

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Progress! A New Policy Could Eliminate the Use of the Forced Swim Test in Australia

While NHMRC stopped short of implementing a full ban, its new requirements will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the use of the forced swim test in Australia.

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