Paul Smith Confirms Kangaroo-Skin Ban We Animals Media

Paul Smith Confirms Kangaroo-Skin Ban

Following appeals from PETA UK, global fashion label Paul Smith has announced a ban on exotic skins in all its future collections.

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Raising Money for Bushfire Victims

PETA hosted a sausage sizzle in Blackwattle Bay Park in Glebe just ahead of Australia Day to raise money for animals affected by the Australian fires.

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The Link Between Bushfires and Slaughterhouses: Climate Change

Many of us feel helpless after seeing the devastation caused by this record-breaking fire season, but we actually have a great deal of power to change things.

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Pamela Anderson Makes Bushfire Plea While Visiting the Gold Coast

The severity of bushfires is linked to climate change, and cutting animal products from our diets is the “single biggest way” to reduce emissions, says star.

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How to Help Koalas and Other Australian Animals Affected by Bushfires

Koalas are feared by some to be “functionally extinct” after fires destroyed 80% of their habitat.

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