PETA Teams Up With ‘Lord of the Fries’ to Free Hot Dogs From Cars!

Posted on by PETA Australia

PETA volunteers wearing “car” sandwich boards handed out free hot dogs from Melbourne’s Lord of the Fries to convey an important message about leaving animals in vehicles.

Did you know that in just six minutes, the temperature inside a car can soar so that it becomes fatal to a dog trapped inside? It’s not just a problem during the summer in Australia, either, since cars are made of metal and glass, which absorb heat. They can heat up quickly at any time of year.

According to the RSPCA, the temperature inside a car can be more than double the outside temperature.

Dogs of all breeds are vulnerable to heat, but breathing-impaired or flat-faced breeds are at a higher risk.

dog in car

Of course, dogs aren’t the only animals who can suffer in hot vehicles.

Most animals used for their flesh or skin will be crammed into trucks with no air conditioning and transported many hours to saleyards and slaughterhouses. In Australia, cows and sheep may spend up to 48 hours in a hot truck bed with no access to water or feed.

That’s why the hot dogs we handed out were vegan – because no one should be left to suffer in a hot vehicle!

Sheep on Truck

What to Do if You Find a Dog in a Hot Car

If you see a dog in a hot vehicle, contact police on 000 or roadside assistance companies (such as RACQ), as they have the authority to remove a dog from a car and can do so quickly. Seek assistance immediately.

If you’re in a carpark, take down the car’s colour, make, model, and license plate number and notify the relevant authorities immediately.

Don’t leave the scene until the situation has been resolved.