Hip-Hop Star 360 Strips Down to His Tattoos for PETA

Posted on by PETA Australia

Hip-hop artist 360 shows off the tattoos adorning his bare chest and arms next to the words “Ink, Not Mink” in an edgy 2014 ad for PETA.

Today we’re looking back on the ad, which was shot by celebrity photographer Mark Lobo, and goes on to proclaim, “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs”.

360 for PETA

In an exclusive video interview with PETA, the “Boys Like You” rapper also opened up about how “f*cked up” the fur industry is. “Imagine if there was another species of creature on the planet … and they grabbed a human, stuck something up his arse and electrocuted him, ripped [his] skin off and then started wearing it around as fashion … it’s really creepy”, he says. “People would be outraged if we were treating humans like that, so why is it OK for animals to be treated that way? People should understand what goes on behind the scenes.”

Almost 74 per cent of the fur imported into Australia comes from China, where animals – including dogs and cats – are electrocuted, bludgeoned and even skinned alive for their fur. And since items are often deliberately mislabelled, consumers have no way of knowing whose skin they’re buying.

Make sure you give fur the cold shoulder, and take the fur-free pledge today!