Invader X PETA: Urban Artist Designs Vegan Collection

Posted on by PETA Australia

Renowned French artist Invader has launched a limited collection of designs created for PETA France in support of animal rights.

Invader sticker designs for PETA

The designs – reading, “Freedom for All” and “We Come in Peace, We Don’t Eat Flesh!” and more – printed onto t-shirts and stickers, all in his classic pixelated style, sold out within the first three hours of going on sale. More Invader stickers are now available here. All profits will be donated to PETA France.

“I am delighted with this collaboration with PETA France. It is high time to turn our backs on animal exploitation. I hope that these creations will allow those who share our common anti-speciesist commitment to wear their convictions with style and to spread vital messages,” explains the artist, whose works are featured on walls in major cities all over the world, including Perth.

Invader Against Speciesism

Invader may work under the cover of darkness, but through this collaboration with PETA France, he sheds light on the suffering of billions of animals in the various industries that exploit them far from the eyes of the general public.

Speciesism – like sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination – is an oppressive belief system in which those with power draw boundaries to justify using or excluding their fellow beings who are less powerful. A human-supremacist line of “reasoning” is used to defend treating other living, feeling beings like research tools, fabric, toys, or even food ingredients – even though they share our capacity for pain, hunger, fear, thirst, love, joy, and loneliness and have as much interest in freedom and staying alive as humans do.

Join the Movement Against Speciesism

Art has the power to educate and inspire, and PETA is extremely grateful to Invader for using his great talent to help animals in desperate need.

The best thing you can do to oppose speciesism is to go vegan. Make the right choice for animals and take our Vegan Pledge: