Israeli Government Supports Bill to End Live Imports From Australia

Posted on by PETA Australia

While the Australian Parliament and Senate sit on two bills with the potential to end the cruel live-sheep trade, the Israeli government has given its support to a bill that would phase out the importation of live animals from Australia and Europe for slaughter.

Last year, Australia exported 88,000 live sheep to Israel, and this year, 30,676animals have already been forced to make this gruelling journey, even though Australia’s largest sheep exporter, Emanuel Exports, had its licence suspended in June.

The suspension came after recent footage was released showing the horrific conditions aboard these ships, where sheep are crushed together for weeks on end, are forced to stand in their own faeces, and struggle to breathe in the oppressive heat. While shocking, these scenes are hardly new – investigations dating back more than a decade show the same conditions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Facebook,

“We approved at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation the bill to stop live transports to Israel. It’s our duty to act and correct this enormous suffering caused to animals.”

Israel’s bill proposes that live imports to Israel would be phased out entirely within three years, with quotas for each of those years fixed by the agriculture minister.

Legislation to stop live exports should be supported by the Australian government too. Please write to your local MP here and ask him or her to end this cruel trade now!