PETA’s Birthday Gift to Albo: ‘Time Is Ticking on Your Live-Export Promise’

Posted on by Dan H

As Prime Minister Anthony Albanese celebrates his 61st birthday, PETA is reminding him that time is ticking on his live-export ban promise.

Labor’s term in office may end in September 2025, when the next federal election is held –and it’s quite possible, given the current situation, that the government’s election promise to phase out the live export of sheep won’t have been fulfilled by then. So we sent Albo a clock in the shape of a sheep covered with “blood” and “faeces”. The accompanying card reads, “Time is ticking on your live-export promise,” and it continues, “Animals spend their birthdays – and even their birth days – aboard filthy live-export ships. Please, give Australia a real reason to celebrate. End live export for all, for good.”

Labor still has a chance to do the right thing by banning live export – not only for sheep but also for all other animals who suffer aboard death ships. However, the party has so far failed to implement even a watered-down version by sparing sheep this ordeal. Two-thirds of Australians want to see a complete end to this disgraceful industry, but time is running out on Labor’s guaranteed term in office.

Earlier this week, the Australian Greens stepped up and introduced a bill that, if passed, would end live-sheep export by sea on 1 May 2026. We hope the government will support this measure and fulfill its election promise.

Australians have grown increasingly vocal in their opposition to live export, but many don’t realise that buying wool supports this cruel industry. When sheep’s wool production slows, many of them are forced onto live-export ships to be killed in other countries, often in ways that are illegal in Australia. In addition to demanding a ban on live export, we can boycott the industry by choosing cruelty-free plant-based wool upgrades to help spare sheep the horror of live export.

Animals transported by sea from Australia to the middle east.

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