Prada Bans Kangaroo Leather!

Posted on by Laura Weyman-Jones

Great news! Italian fashion giant Prada has banned kangaroo skins.

The Prada Group – which includes Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, and Car Shoe – confirmed to Italian animal rights group LAV that it will no longer purchase any new kangaroo leather. The decision will spare these remarkable Australian animals immense suffering.

Prada joins the likes of Versace, Victoria Beckham, Chanel and Paul Smith in banning leather made from kangaroos.

What Is ‘K-Leather’?

Some 2.3 million kangaroos are reportedly killed every year for their skin. To produce leather, the animals are first shot. Then, the injured kangaroos – as well as orphaned joeys – are decapitated or hit sharply on the head to “destroy the brain” before their skin is torn off so it can be exported and made into accessories often labelled as “k-leather”.

Following graphic photos of charred kangaroos and reports that huge swathes of their habitats were decimated by recent bushfires in Australia, putting their survival under ever increasing pressure, more and more people are demanding an end to the government-sanctioned slaughter. We’re delighted that Prada has made the right decision to end its involvement in the barbaric killing.

Image shows a dead kangaroo.

Kangaroos Still Need Our Help

As you read this, state governments are approving permits to hunt kangaroos.

Join us in urging the New South Wales and Victorian governments to stop issuing permits for the mass slaughter of these animals. If you live locally, you can also write to your MP here.

And please, never buy kangaroo meat or anything made with “k-leather” – or any other animal skin.