Queensland Rail and Sydney Ferries Reject New Live Export Ad

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

peta banned live export ad

Sydney Ferries and Queensland Rail have both refused PETA’s request for paid placement of a new ad that blasts the live export of sheep and cattle to foreign countries for slaughter. The ad shows sheep jam-packed in filthy stalls aboard a ship and has the caption “Their Commute Is a Real Killer. Ban Live-Animal Export!

PETA wanted to place the ad on public transport to highlight the fact that even a year’s worth of the worst commutes imaginable can’t match the suffering that these animals experience during just five minutes aboard these shameful death ships.

Sheep and cattle die by the tens of thousands each year when they are crowded together on multi-tiered, open-decked ships for voyages across thousands of kilometres of sea, during which the temperatures regularly reach more than 40 degrees. During these agonising journeys – which can take several days or even weeks – many animals die of starvation or heat exhaustion or are trampled by their terrified pen mates.

Please speak up for animals used for live export today by asking your local MP to support a ban on the export of live animals from Australia.

Posted by Claire Fryer