Table Tennis Donkey Gelatine Sponsorship Will Not Be Renewed

Posted on by Dan H

In good news for donkeys, Table Tennis Australia (TTA) has confirmed to PETA that it will not renew the sponsorship of the Australian Donkey Industry Association, which expires in April.

The association is a lobby group that promotes the cruel ejiao trade, an industry that is rapidly expanding. Ejiao, made from donkey gelatine, is baselessly marketed around the world as a traditional medicine and cure for everything from poor blood circulation and cancer to acne.

A PETA eyewitness exposé has revealed horrendous cruelty in the Chinese ejiao trade, and table tennis players and fans spoke out against the partnership. Thankfully, the TTA listened and will not be renewing the sponsorship.

Donkeys’ Heads Bashed In With Sledgehammers for Chinese Ejiao Industry

PETA has revealed shocking eyewitness footage taken on Chinese farms showing that donkeys – some as young as 5 months old – are bludgeoned in the head with a sledgehammer. Their throats are then cut, and they’re left to die. Others face the same terrifying death after enduring a long journey to the abattoir.

Ejiao is increasingly being marketed around the world, but according to Dr Lee Yuming, a doctor of Chinese medicine, “There is a misconception about ejiao – it is not the most effective medicine to enrich blood in spite of its long history in traditional medicine. Nowadays, there are many other options that are much better at improving one’s health, including modern drugs and herbal medicines.”

Speaking out when you see ejiao being promoted or sold is one way to help donkeys. And we need your help to prevent Australia from contributing more to this cruel trade.

The Australian government has revealed that it plans to capitalise on China’s demand for donkey skins and that it has received some enquiries about the export of live equines for slaughter. The Northern Territory government already exports donkey hides to China to support the cruel ejiao trade and may consider expanding this business by establishing a live-donkey export industry. Please urge the Australian Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources to reject any plans to send live donkeys to be slaughtered in China.