TripAdvisor Gets Rave Reviews for New Ethical Policies

Posted on by PETA Australia

After months of discussions and productive meetings with PETA US, TripAdvisor—the world’s largest travel site—has announced that it will no longer sell tickets to animal “attractions,” including elephant rides, tiger encounters, and “swim with dolphins” excursions, that put wild and endangered animals (and travellers!) at risk.

It is also working with PETA US and other partners to launch a new education portal that will help inform travellers about animal-welfare concerns and issues.

Since hundreds of millions of travellers look to TripAdvisor for advice and recommendations, this is good news for this dolphin, who doesn’t want you tugging on his or her fins:

Swimming with dolphins is cruel

And this elephant will benefit from TripAdvisor’s recognition that elephant rides involve abuse:

elephant ride thailand

Tiger cubs like this one, who want to stay with their mothers, will also benefit:

TripAdvisor has long prohibited listing or posting reviews of blood sports such as bullfights and canned hunts.

PETA commends TripAdvisor on this move, and travel agencies that don’t want to alienate ethical travellers should follow the company’s example and stop promoting cruel animal displays.