Vale Annalise Braakensiek: Animal Rights Activist

Posted on by PETA Australia

The world has lost an extraordinarily compassionate human being. Actress and model Annalise Braakensiek has been found dead in her Sydney apartment.

We will always remember Annalise Braakensiek as a powerful force for animal rights.

She bared her skin to help animals in PETA’s “The Naked Truth” campaign, and for more than a decade, she spoke out against the cruelty of the live export industry.

“I’ll gladly shed my clothes if it will help shed light on the cruelty of live sheep exports. I urge Australia to heed the call of thousands of people around the world by banning live exports.”

After watching investigation footage of angora fur farms, where rabbits screamed out in pain as their fur was violently ripped from their skin, Annalise used her influence to persuade Australian retailers to ban the use of angora wool.

Her passion and persistence made the world a better place. Please, remember her today by doing something kind for animals.

Rest in peace, Annalise.