Mass Slaughter of Ducks Approved by Victorian Government, Despite Fires

Posted on by PETA Australia

Native ducks are struggling to survive, with climate change, catastrophic fires and drought affecting their habitats.

Surveys have shown that the wetlands are in long-term decline. So it’s baffling why the government would approve a duck shooting season this year, even with a reduced season and smaller killing limit, which the Game Management Authority has admitted is impossible for them to police.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of birds are blasted out of the sky. For each bird killed, another is wounded and will die slowly in terror and agony. Ducklings are dependent on their mother for their first two months, and will die of cold, starve, or be eaten by predators if their mother is shot.

Let’s not pretend this is sport or done for food – it is sheer sadistic amusement.

We should all be calling on the Premier to reverse this outrageous decision. It’s time for duck shooting to be banned in Victoria outright. At the very least, this year’s season must be cancelled.