VICTORY! Kym Ellery Drops Fur

Posted on by PETA Australia

It’s been a big year so far in Australia for fashion meeting compassion.

Perth-born fashionista Kym Ellery has become the latest in a slew of designers who have pledged to drop fur. 

Following intense pressure from PETA, Ellery announced that from 2017, the label will no longer feature items made with fur. This came after tens of thousands of PETA supporters signed a petition and bombarded Ellery’s social media channels with anti-fur messages and the hashtag #FurIsDead.

The high end label has also withdrawn designs featuring pelts from its online and retail stores.

In making the compassionate decision to drop fur, Ellery joins the likes of Jenny KeeHusk, and Sage Sydney, which have all recently committed to keeping it off their shelves.

In July, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival also announced it was banning fur from its entire 2016 event.

How to Help More Animals Used for Fur

Animals suffer for fur, whether they’re farmed or trapped.  Killing methods on fur farms are often prolonged and extremely painful, and animals trapped in the wild can suffer for days before dying of shock, blood loss, dehydration or from attacks by predators.

Fur production also involves the use of toxic chemicals which pollute the environment.

It’s important that we keep speaking out as well as urging brands to choose kindness and stop selling items made from animal fur.

Make sure you’re an ethical fashionista by pledging to keep animal fur out of your wardrobe.