Victory! VEGAN Choc Tops Premiere at Event Cinemas!

Posted on by Laura Weyman-Jones

The choc-top: it’s a classic Aussie cinema treat. Now, for the first-time ever in Australia, you can enjoy a vegan version of the ice cream at Event Cinemas!

Everything from the crunchy cone, chocolate top and the velvety ice cream inside (available in  both chocolate and salted caramel) has been made vegan for movie lovers with a conscious who know the truth about cruelly obtained dairy products.

The new menu item has been added to select stores after an online petition signed by hundreds of movie-going vegans prompted PETA to reach out to Event Cinemas in Spring 2018. Among other vegan menu ideas, we suggested a Vegan Choc Top starring delicious dairy- free goodness from Over The Moo, and, well, the rest is cold creamy history with a satisfying chocolatey crack!

This announcement is not just another sign that veganism is the future, it’s also a huge win for people-power- just two years ago Event Cinemas said they had no plans to make vegan ice cream, despite vegan creations winning the popular vote in the annual My Choc Top competition. How the times are changing!

For now, the choc-tops are only available at Bondi Junction, Glendale, Miranda, George Street, Macquarie, Tuggerah, Pacific Fair, Robina, Kawana and Chermside cinemas.

See you at the movies!

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