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Sanofi: Stop Near-Drowning Test on Mice!

International drugmaker Sanofi has so far declined invitations to join the right side of history. Please help us show it the importance of walking in the light.

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Dolphins Don’t Belong in ABUSEment Parks – Help Free Them Now! Action for Dolphins

Dolphins Don’t Belong in ABUSEment Parks – Help Free Them Now!

Urge the Queensland government to get with the times and ban dolphin captivity!

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Queensland Residents: Ask Your MP to Ban Calf Roping

Calves are lassoed with a rope, violently jerked back, and slammed to the ground. Take action to help them.

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Melbourne Hunt Club Seeks Approval for Breeding and Boarding Development – Object NOW!

The Melbourne Hunt Club wants to set up a facility to board and breed foxhounds for hunting. Let’s make sure this cruelty isn’t approved.

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Backyard Netting Is Lethal for Native Animals – Here’s How You Can Help!

Netting can be deadly for animals such as flying foxes and birds, as thousands of them become entangled each year.

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These Live Markets are Still Open, and They Could Spark COVID-21

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Asia’s deadly live-animal markets are open for business, creating a living hell for animals and putting humans at risk of more disease.

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Protect Wetlands—Ban Duck Hunting Now! Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals

Protect Wetlands—Ban Duck Hunting Now!

Every year in Victoria, around 300,000 water birds are blasted out of the sky, all for the sake of “sport”.

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Ask Hermès to Stop Fuelling Horrific Crocodile-Skin Industry

French fashion labels are said to control the majority of crocodile farms in the Northern Territory.

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Ask  Lilly Lashes to Stop Selling Mink-Fur Eyelashes Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals