A Quarter of Kiwis to Go Meat-Free! It’s a Global Trend

Posted on by PETA Australia

A recent survey has shown that a growing number of our New Zealand neighbours are willing to cut out or cut down on meat. A local food company asked people residing all across the country about their dietary preferences and what they imagined they’d eat in the future.


The survey found that 24 per cent of New Zealanders were planning to eat a “mostly meat-free” diet by 2025, with 21 per cent of Younger generations showed significantly more interest in ditching meat than their older counterparts did.

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In Australia, a whopping 2.1 million people have already gone vegetarian or vegan (11.2 per cent of our population). And those figures are skyrocketing higher every day: Australia is the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world, after the United Arab Emirates and China.

So what could this exponential growth in vegan eating mean? All good things! As more people become aware of and concerned by cruelty to animals, they’re taking actions that can also improve their health and help the environment. Bam! It’s a win, win, win situation.

In addition, as more people go vegan, more consumers demand vegan-friendly products. This is why we now have more (and better) vegan-friendly foods, beauty products, and fashions. Vegan living is officially trending towards the mainstream.

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