Google Trends: ‘Vegan’ Is 2016’s Most Popular Health Movement by Far

Posted on by PETA Australia

At this time of year, many of us begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions and often pledge to live more healthfully.

As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat” – so naturally, many Aussies choose to focus on their food choices when it comes to making a change on 1 January.

Looking back at 2016, it’s easy to see which health movement was the most popular throughout the year. According to Google Trends data, Australians are more interested in getting information about vegan eating than they are about paleo, 5:2, vegetarian, or even sugar- or gluten-free diets.

We anticipate that more health-conscious people everywhere will continue this movement in the new year by choosing delicious plant-based meals.

While “vegan” was by far the most searched-for food trend, “gluten-free” had the second-most Google searches, and “paleo” showed a yearlong decline, becoming more than 75 per cent less popular than “vegan”.

This comes as no surprise. PETA announced in April that Australians had the world’s biggest appetite for learning about vegan eating, and we’ve seen this trend continue throughout 2016.

New vegan eateries are rapidly popping up across the country as businesses recognise the popularity of cruelty-free meals. And vegan food has repeatedly crushed the competition when it comes to tantalising the taste buds.

The arguments for leaving animal-derived foods off our plates have never been stronger, and the internet is a rich source of information for people looking to make healthier and more compassionate choices.

Every single person who googles the word “vegan” is finding information that will improve not only their health but also the environment and the lives of animals. They say the best diet is the one you stick to – and with so many reasons to go vegan, you won’t want to let go of your new lifestyle.


– Ashley Fruno, PETA Australia Associate Director of Campaigns

Around half a billion animals are killed every year in Australia by the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

Meanwhile, the United Nations insists that a global shift towards a plant-based diet is necessary in order to combat climate change.

From a health perspective, foods laden with animal fats are literally killing us, since the consumption of meat, dairy foods, and eggs is linked to an increased risk of suffering from obesity, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

It’s no wonder Australians are choosing in droves to eat vegan. Join the plant-based movement and try it for yourself!