VIDEO: Anna Weatherlake Says, ‘All Animals Have the Same Parts’

Posted on by PETA Australia

Anna Weatherlake, fiancée of Australian cricket star Peter Siddle, is best known for her popular animal- and eco-friendly blog, Earth by Anna.

Shortly after the glitz and glamour of the Allan Border Medal red carpet, the vegan cricket WAG stepped out of her ball gown and into … well, nothing! She’s getting ready to get hitched, but Anna has decided to bare all to help animals before her big day.

The Aries gown by @onedaybridal is being released this June and is made of an exclusive constellation fabric. ❤️. Once again, @k.y.h.a and her incredible team were happy to create a cruelty-free and vegan friendly gown for me (they are bloody fantastic) which was free from silk, wool, leather and other animal derived materials which I refuse to wear. Of course, my accessories, hair and makeup were also cruelty-free and no products were used that were tested on animals. No animals should have to suffer for the sake of fashion and beauty and remaining cruelty-free regardless of the situation is incredibly important to me. #crueltyfree #abmedal #allanbordermedal

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Posing nude, covered with marks that mimic a butcher’s diagram – complete with “round”, “rib”, and “breast” labels – Anna stars in a new PETA ad that proclaims, “All Animals Have the Same Parts: Go Vegan”.

In an exclusive video interview with PETA, she reveals why she decided to strip down for the cause: “[T]hese parts all come from someone, not something“, she says. “A ‘shoulder’ belongs to another sentient being, and people are sitting down to eat the shoulder of a lamb and the breast of a chicken. And people aren’t making that connection that that was actually a living being.”

She also explains her decision to follow a vegan lifestyle:

[A]nimals feel love, and they feel pain and sadness, just like we do. And so many animals suffer in so many different industries – not only in Australia but around the world, and I didn’t want to contribute to any more of that suffering. And that’s why I decided to give up animal products in my diet and in my life, as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day LaShonda! You are life. I love you! #LaShondaSiddlelake #FriendsNotFood #MyValentine #DontBeJealySids

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The plant-based nutrition coach also describes the health issues – which include cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes – linked to eating meat, eggs, and dairy products. “The advice I would give to people who are interested in trying a plant-based diet is just go for it”, she says. “You don’t know how good your body can feel until you’ve tried it.”

All the gags, matching outfits and patience testing was happening at the new @fightfitboxing venue in #Collingwood today. Officially opening this Saturday from 8-12. You’ll find us there, presumably in this same position. #cooked #gagsallday Side note: Indi and I are both wearing boxing gloves that are cruelty-free, sweatshop-free, lined with organic cotton and vegan friendly. They are by @vhmnt. 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #fightfitcollingwood #fiteboxing #fitept #thesweatlife #lululemonausnz #vhmnt

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Anna joins a growing list of celebrities – including Peter Siddle, Ruby Rose, The Veronicas, 360, Missy Higgins, and Renee Somerfield – who have teamed up with PETA to speak out against cruelty to animals.

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