It’s Easy to Ditch Down With Kathmandu’s Revolutionary New Jacket

From hardcore outdoor adventurers to weekend warriors who just like to be snug when they camp, consumers from all walks of life have been increasingly vocal about wanting more …

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BREAKING: Gucci Ditches Fur © Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals

BREAKING: Gucci Ditches Fur

You sometimes have to hit a stone over and over and over again before it cracks. Well, Gucci has finally cracked! 🍾🎉 After pressuring Gucci to drop fur for over …

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Crocodiles Cut Open, Skinned in Vietnam for Leather Bags

A new PETA video exposé reveals the suffering and agonising deaths of crocodiles in Vietnam to make “luxury” leather bags for Louis Vuitton and other brands—help stop this!

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VICTORY: Designers Drop Angora in Droves

As PETA continues to raise awareness of the cruelty of angora production, designers are pledging to drop the material from their collections in droves.

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VICTORY! Kym Ellery Drops Fur

Fashion designer Kym Ellery has finally seen the light and joined the slew of designers who have pledged to drop fur.

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