General Animal Rights

‘Bluey’ Receives Bug Bestie Award! © Ludo Studio

‘Bluey’ Receives Bug Bestie Award!

‘Bluey’ wins a Bug Bestie Award from PETA Kids in honour of the compassion Bingo and Lila show insects.

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World Vegan Month Is Not (Just) About Food

Being vegan is a lifestyle that seeks to reduce one’s contribution to animal suffering in ALL aspects of life.

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‘Survival at Stake’ Is Available for Preorder NOW

Poorva Joshipura describes how key crises affecting us today are directly linked to our treatment of animals and what each of us can do to change these worrying trends.

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A Slice of Buttock for Albo – Ingrid Newkirk’s Unique Will Got a Rewrite

She’s putting her whole self into her final wishes: here are some shocking ways her body will be divided up after her death to continue her campaign for compassion.

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Earthquake Updates: PETA UK’s Rescuing Cats, Dogs, and Birds Trapped After the Earthquake in Turkey

Follow the live updates from PETA UK’s mission to rescue cats, dogs, and other animals in Turkey following the earthquake.

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