General Animal Rights

Shocking Ruling in NSW Dog Stabbing Case

The owner of a petting zoo stabbed a dog with a pitchfork at least six times, strung him up in a tree – still impaled by the pitchfork – …

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PETA Is Finding Ways Not to Slow Down Because Animals STILL Need Our Help

Despite the many disruptions and health precautions that we’re all faced with now, PETA’s groundbreaking work to help animals – including online advocacy, research, eye-opening exposés, and new outreach …

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars Speech is Turning People Vegan Galaxy/

Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars Speech is Turning People Vegan

On perhaps one of the biggest nights of his life, PETA’s 2019 Person of the Year, Joaquin Phoenix, wasn’t thinking about himself. As he accepted the Oscar for Best …

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This Philippines Taal Volcano Rescue Story Will Make You Cry

Right now, an emergency rescue team supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund is  working to provide animals with food and veterinary care.

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How Australia Changed for Good in 2019

There were so many pivotal moments in the animal rights movement this year.

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