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10 Times Vegan Food Destroyed the Competition Soul Burger

10 Times Vegan Food Destroyed the Competition

Here’s a list of 10 times plant-based fare reigned supreme over food made from animals – proving that plant foods are delicious and decadent.

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World Heart Day: Eat Plants to Avoid the World’s Number One Killer

Cardiovascular disease claims 17.5 million lives a year worldwide. But there’s one way to help prevent it: by following a plant-based lifestyle.

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Lord of the Fries’ New Vegan Burger Has People Losing Their Minds

This German-inspired burger includes a vegan chicken schnitzel, tomato, onion, lettuce, aioli, and ketchup. It’s simple yet completely delicious – trust us.

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Australia’s First Vegan Pub Set to Open in Sydney

Soon, compassionate eaters will be able to enjoy a whole host of pub classics at The Green Lion – the nation’s first all-vegan pub bistro.

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How to Enjoy Bacon Without Killing Pigs

Check out our guide to the best vegan bacon brands in Australia as well as our top restaurant picks and favourite recipes.

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