Western Australia’s Shameful Shark Slaughter

The Western Australia government’s catch-and-kill policy against endangered sharks was put into action on Australia Day – a day when Aussies should have felt proud of their nation – …

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Exotic-Animal Trade: Suffering for Sale

More and more people are succumbing to the temptation to acquire exotic animals, such as birds, snakes and lizards, to keep as pets. But captivity is often a death …

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Game Council Abolished, but Animals Still in Peril

It’s game over for the Game Council of New South Wales (NSW), which has been abolished following a damning report from the NSW government. The review was commissioned after …

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Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs Sam Cahir

Sharks: No More Fins off Their Backs

I met my first shark when I was 16 years old: a male blacktip reef shark off the coast of North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. As I got older, …

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Monkey Business at Monash University Rommel Manuel

Monkey Business at Monash University

Universities go to great lengths to woo prospective students, rightfully showing off the best that their facilities have to offer. But you can bet that there’s one thing that …

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