Revolting Celebrity Trend: Gucci Kangaroo-Fur Loafers

Posted on by PETA Australia

Despite the fact that most compassionate consumers find the idea of wearing animal fur utterly abhorrent, Gucci has launched kangaroo fur–lined loafers as part of its 2016 spring/summer collection.

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The backless loafers have been seen on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, and Alexa Chung as well as on the feet of many fashion bloggers, designers, socialites, and models.

What these people may not realise is that kangaroos are social, intelligent animals who suffer in the production of fur products such as these.

Using kangaroo fur to produce fashion footwear is exploitation, especially since populations are in decline. … The killing of these animals is inhumane, there is collateral damage and kangaroo culling has a large social cost on the remaining families and their young. Kangaroos are not objects – they are highly intelligent social animals.


– Dr Daniel Ramp, Centre for Compassionate Conservation, University of Technology–Sydney

In 2014, Nike and Adidas pledged to stop using kangaroo leather, after watching video footage that showed that joeys were violently separated from their mothers during a “harvest”. Soccer star David Beckham reportedly ditched his kangaroo-leather soccer boots as a result of this.

It’s time that Gucci and its customers had the same change of conscience.

As Australians, we need to send a clear message to the rest of the world that we value the animal on our coat of arms and condemn companies such as Gucci, which choose to kill majestic kangaroos for the sake of a fashion fad.

How You Can Help

Please, write on Gucci’s Facebook or Instagram page or send an e-mail to tell the brand exactly what you think of its cruelly produced kangaroo-fur shoes.

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