‘Veganise’: PETA’s Vote for Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year

Posted on by PETA Australia

Each year, the Macqaurie Dictionary selects its Word of the Year, which is described as one of the “top new words added to the Australian English lexicon”.

At the close of 2016, PETA sent a letter to the editor of the dictionary suggesting that the word “veganise” be chosen as its Word of the Year in the “Eating and Drinking” category.

“Veganise” means “to make a vegan version of an otherwise animal-derived meal or item” – and PETA’s letter explains that veganising is well and truly on the rise.

Macquarie Dictionary Veganise Letter

By making “veganise” its Word of the Year, the Macquarie Dictionary would reflect the compassionate culture sweeping Australia and consolidate the country’s reputation as the leader of the global movement towards meals that are kind to animals, the environment, and human health alike.

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