The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cooking Guide: Hero Salads and Sides

Christmas is almost here, so to make sure that you’ll have one thing fewer to do during these busy weeks, PETA has rounded up the best festive plant-based hero salad and sides recipes to make your Aussie vegan Christmas the talk of the town! You don’t need to go to a fancy vegan specialty shop – all the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket or health-food store.

Christmas Tree Salad by Kathy Patalsky

This dazzling salad is a real winner. It lightens up the normally heavy spread and feels decadent, zingy, and citrusy all at once.

Happy Vegan Prawns by Sweet as Vegan

Prawns often seem to end up on the table during the holidays, but there’s no need for these little sea dwellers to die for our lunch. This is the recipe to use if you want a classic Aussie Christmas without the cruelty.

Chop Chop Salad by Mimi Kirk

This salad is fresh, summery, and unique. The mix of fresh herbs is perfection.

The Best Stuffed Mushrooms Ever by Angel McNall

These are the most delicious “cheesy” stuffed mushrooms and will make your table look over-the-top full. They’ll ensure that no one leaves your vegan Christmas meal hungry. Enough said.

Vegan Scalloped Cauliflower by Veggies Don’t Bite

Here’s something comforting and creamy – without the bloat or the cruelty! This unique dish will add to the colours and textures on the table.

King Oyster Mushroom Scallop Scampi With Linguini by Hot for Food

This is actually a Valentine’s Day dish, but its festive colours and “seafood” ingredients make it an awesome side for an Aussie Christmas meal. You can add more greens and omit the pasta if you want to have it as a salad. Everyone will want a nibble of this.

Vegan Smokey Bacon Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes by Zach Spuckler

Can’t get the kids to eat enough dark green vegetables like Brussels sprouts? You can now. This dish is always the first to be eaten. It’s super-delicious and super-healthy.

Yorkshire Pudding (Popovers) by The Vegan Society

Many of us grew up with Yorkshire pudding on the Christmas table, but if you didn’t, don’t worry, because everyone loves these fluffy dough balls. Simply prepare them and your feast will really look like Christmas. Even your grandparents will approve.

Perfect Roast Potatoes by BOSH!

Because potatoes.

The Best Ever Vegan Gravy by Avant-Garde Vegan

What’s the point of having a “roast”, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding without gravy? Better make it a good one – or the best one ever.

PETA’s abundant vegan recipe round-up is all cruelty-free.

The kindest thing we can do for animals is keep them off our plates during the season of goodwill and all year round. Why not order your free vegan starter kit now?

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