The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cooking Guide

Christmas is almost here, so to make sure that you’ll have one thing fewer to do during these busy weeks, PETA has rounded up the best festive plant-based recipes to make your Aussie vegan Christmas the talk of the town! You don’t need to go to a fancy vegan specialty shop – all the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket or health-food store.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the stars of the show.

The Centrepiece – Ta-Da!

Thousands of Australians are choosing not to eat a turkey and are instead opting for a compassionate vegan Christmas dinner. We all love to treat ourselves to festive foods during the holiday season, so it’s the perfect time to try some new vegan dishes with your friends and family.

Want to keep things really simple by buying a vegan roast? Click here. But if you also love cooking at Christmas and want to make everything fresh and fabulous, check out these recipes.

Portobello Mushroom Wellington by BOSH!

BOSH! has everything covered in this video featuring its famous Portobello Mushroom Wellington.

Vegan Roast ‘Turkey’ by Zacchary Bird

Yes this is vegan! With ‘turkey’ style meat, orange and sage stuffing, rice paper ‘skin’ and a ‘honey’-mustard style glaze to top it off, this recipe will impress all your guests. Make sure you make the vegan honey glaze in advance.

Stuffed Meatloaf Roast by Like A Vegan

Using vegan mince from the supermarket (for which, in Australia, there are loads of options), this recipe is surprisingly simple. Making it in advance also means less time in the kitchen on the holiday and more time spent with loved ones.

Stuffed Seitan Roast by Chava Eichner

This is seriously yummy. Prep it a few hours before eating, and keep it wrapped up. The outside softens up nicely in its foil wrapper, which makes it very easy to slice. You can simply reheat it later.

Vegan Fish by Edgy Veg

There’s usually a seafood component to any Aussie Christmas meal, and this “fish” recipe using eggplant and kelp should fit the bill. The crispy, salty dish would be really perfect if it’s forecast to be a very hot day.

Vegan Nut Roast (Tart) by Jamie Oliver

This looks like a fresh vegan nut tart, so we amended its name. This doesn’t need to be heated, so it would be the perfect centrepiece for an Aussie Christmas lunch.

PETA’s abundant vegan recipe round-up is all cruelty-free.

The kindest thing we can do for animals is keep them off our plates during the season of goodwill and all year round. Why not order your free vegan starter kit now?

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