Recipes for the Best Australian Backyard BBQ (Made Vegan!)

So you’re in the middle of Veganuary and you’ve been invited to a barbecue on Australia Day. Contrary to what pushy meat-industry advertising tells you, you don’t need to chow down on a little lamb’s leg to enjoy the public holiday.

Here are some great options to make any vegan barbie a smash hit!

Vegan Meat

Our nation has seen enough animals being cooked by bushfires this summer. Let’s keep animals off the barbecue this Australia Day.

Whether you want sausages, burger patties, bacon, seafood, or chicken on the grill, there are plenty of “meaty” vegan options available at supermarkets around the country. Keep an eye out for brands like The Alternative Meat Co, Vegie Delights, Fry’s, Syndian, Tofurky, Beyond Meat, Gardein, and others. Check out this guide for some of our barbecue faves.

A photo of a vegan BBQ with sausages, burger patties and vegetables.

Vegan Cob Loaf Dip

This is classic party food that’s easy to share. Plus, who doesn’t like tearing apart the dip bowl at the end? Swap out nasty dairy for this tasty cashew cream dip instead.

Vegan Wombok Salad

It’s great news that this Aussie barbecue favourite is usually vegan. It takes about 10 minutes to throw it together from scratch and even less time if you buy Chang’s premade noodle salad dressing from the supermarket. Try this recipe.

Vegan Sausage Rolls

Everything tastes good wrapped in pastry, and the great news is that most puff pastry brands are vegan. Check out our list of “accidentally vegan” foods found in supermarkets for some brand names to look for.

This recipe for vegan sausage rolls from Jamie Oliver is super-easy, and you won’t be able to keep your friend’s hands off the final product.

Potato Salad

Nothing says Australian summer lunch like a cold potato salad. Depending on your time and skill level in the kitchen, you can try this recipe for which you make your own sauce, buy vegan mayonnaise at the supermarket (it’s a thing!), or just cheat completely by buying a whole premade potato salad with creamy vegan dressing from Woolworths. (You’re quite welcome.)

A photo of a pre-made vegan potato salad that's available at Woolworths.


Use some seasonal summer fruit to whip up a vegan trifle for dessert. This recipe uses mangoes and coconut cream. Need we say more?


Whether they’re concerned about the environment, animal welfare, or their own health, more and more Australians are leaving animal-derived products off their plates. And there’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen to create a feast. You might even be surprised that a lot of party food you already buy is “accidentally vegan“!

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