PETA’s Picks For World Plant Milk Day!

Compassionate people across Australia are abandoning cruelly produced dairy foods and turning to healthy, delicious dairy-free options instead.

In addition to delectable vegan cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and sour cream, there’s also an abundance of plant-based milk options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a tasty addition to your coffee, an ingredient for a healthy smoothie, a cruelty-free way to bake a cake or simply something to pour on your cereal, there’s sure to be a plant-based milk for you.

Here are our top three locally produced brews out of Australia and New Zealand.

Refresh Juice + Cleanse

Type of milk: Hemp.

Why we love it: Straight out of Perth, Refresh Juice + Cleanse are Australia’s first fresh hemp milk producers. Their hemp milk has all 10 essential amino acids, as well as almost half of your recommended calcium!

Fun fact: the company’s owner has worked as the “chef on tour” for vegan and vegetarian musicians such as Prince and Paul McCartney.


Mylk Boys

Type of milk: Almond.

Why we love it: Auckland based Mylk Boys has developed a cult following for its cold-pressed almond milk with no preservatives or chemicals, which is perfect for frothing!


Brokenhead Company

Type of milk: Coconut.

Why we love it: Super creamy and freshly made in Byron Bay, this brew is perfect for iced coffee, sweet-treats like home-made ice cream, and smoothies.

Remember: you can find more dairy-free options in the “long-life milk” section at your local supermarket. 

Not only do these milks taste delicious, they’re also healthy and nutritious. Many of these brands also fortify their products with extra essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin D or calcium.

With so many options to choose from, there’s no reason to continue supporting the cruelty of the dairy industry. Switch to a vegan milk today!