San Churro Launches EPIC Vegan Menu

As more Australians learn about the horrors of the dairy and egg industries, the demand for vegan desserts is skyrocketing – and businesses such as San Churro are listening.

On Tuesday, the dessert chain launched a new vegan menu across all its 52 locations that includes some seriously mouth-watering desserts and drinks. Here are our picks:

  1. The Happy Vegan

What could possibly be better than vegan churros? A bowl made out of them, filled with vegan salted-caramel and honeycomb gelato, drizzled with dark chocolate, and topped with strawberries and smashed Oreos, of course.

  1. Cookie Butter Filled Churros

Do you like to dip your churros in sauce or you want the sauce to ooze out from the middle? You can order them either way! The cookie butter-filled churros are vegan, as are the dark-chocolate and cookie-butter dipping sauces.

  1. Vegan Spanish Hot Chocolate

No one knows how to do a hot chocolate better than a chocolateria. San Churro’s hot chocolates are vegan when made with soy or almond milk – and you can even order them with a scoop of salted-caramel and honeycomb gelato.

Vegan options are clearly delicious and better for our animal friends, and cruelty free food can boost business as well. According to one New York-based consulting firm, more than three-quarters of restaurants that go plant-based report an  increase in sales and social media following. Most also found that their overall food costs went down.

Check out the full menu here.

Three churrs for San Churro!

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