Krysten Ritter Tells SeaWorld: Free the Orcas! ©Star Max Inc

Krysten Ritter Tells SeaWorld: Free the Orcas!

Jessica Jones actor Krysten Ritter stars in a new PETA US campaign urging SeaWorld to free the orcas imprisoned in its tiny tanks.

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7 Times Pete Evans Was a Total Dumbass

My Kitchen Rules chef and paleo fanatic Pete Evans is no stranger to controversy. Here are seven times when he was particularly ignorant.

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VIDEO: Jane Birkin Won’t Be Saying ‘Je t’Aime’ to Hermès After Watching This

Despite hearing that ostriches are shocked, killed, plucked and skinned for her namesake – the Birkin bag – Jane Birkin has so far failed to speak out against this …

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Stella McCartney Shines a Neon Light on Desexing

Stella McCartney’s autumn 2016 collection was inspired by her love of animals. And her new store-window displays were inspired by her love for PETA US.

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10 Times 360 Slayed Repping a Vegan Lifestyle

360 recently announced he was going vegan. Here’s how he’s promoted this compassionate lifestyle like a boss.

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